Heating - To bake (dual side oven) : Provides a home-made taste to your products!
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An introduction to the grill conveyor in our food machinery.

In the process of food preparation, recently the superheated steam ovens are gaining a significant amount of attention in the industry. In order to meet the needs and demands of our customers, we have carried out various experiments to develop the perfect superheated steam oven! Thus, with the use of our independent know-hows, we are proud to present you our superheated steam oven.

Introduction to the dual side oven

Teflon Grill Conveyor

Teflon Grill Conveyor

Special features

  • Wedged securely between the top and bottom belts, the product is slowly baked to perfection.
  • Browns the surface with perfection.

Applicable for

Hamburgers, baking of fish products, browning of steamed buns etc


Electrical heating plate