About Installation

We deliver peace of mind through robust support.

We place great importance on two priorities: (1) supplying customers with “better machines” with excellent function, performance, and quality; and (2) supplying customers with machines that create “products of superior quality”. We also work especially hard to ensure customers can deploy our products with peace of mind by aggressively eliminating customer concerns before and after machine installation.


We conduct an interview with customers about their budget, machine needs, installation location, and other information.

We ask customers for the information we need to design and develop the food processing machines that customers desire. Rest assured as our highly experienced sales team handles.


We submit a rough quotation and drawings.

We reflect customers’ needs that we learned at the interview stage and submit a proposal and rough quotation that includes commercial drawings, calculation sheets, and other documentation. After conducting another series of meetings so that the customer can review this information, we submit approval drawings and a final quotation.

3Review at the Lab and Testing Room

Customers can view the machine and actually test it before signing a purchase agreement.

Before deploying the machine they’re purchasing, customers can visit the Lab and Testing Room at our plant. Such visits give customers a chance to check over the machine themselves and ensure that they’re comfortable with it before making a final decision. This approach serves to prevent problems after delivery and to facilitate smooth after-sales follow-up.

Products developed in customers’ test kitchens can be reproduced using our continuous machines.

For customers, finished-product quality is all-important. Some customers are concerned about whether a product developed in a test kitchen can be reproduced using SunMax continuous food processing machines. We invite such customers to bring product samples to our Lab and Testing Room, where they can check whether the results live up to their expectations. The facility reproduces customer approaches to how breading or flour is applied and how grilled or fried foods must look in terms of color.

4Purchase agreement

Customers make a final review to see if any issues with terms and conditions of a purchase agreement.

We ask customers to review meeting content, the quotation, and the approval drawings.

5Field test

We offer comprehensive support for machine operation.

This support includes visiting customer facilities to conduct field tests to ensure peace of mind, even if it’s the customer’s first time to deploy a SunMax product.

6After-sales follow-up

Ensuring a speedy response in the event of problems after purchase

Please contact your sales representative if you have any problems, issues, or questions. We’ll respond quickly.