Products and services

  • What kind of company is Sun Plant Industry?
    We manufacture machines that meet customer needs based on the three core principles of passion, creativity, and action.
    It is our pleasure to fulfill customer wishes! Please feel free to send your needs, whatever they may be.
  • What are SunMax products?
    We manufacture a variety of food machines, with principal offerings including forming machines, battering machines, flouring machines, breading machines, auto fryers, auto steamers, double-sided grills and grill markers, and food conveyors.
    See a list of SunMax food machines here.
  • Do SunMax products have a warranty?
    Yes, they are covered by a warranty for one year after delivery. (The warranty does not include consumables.)
  • We’d like to develop a new product or piece of equipment. Can SunMax help?
    Yes. Our sales representative, which has a high level of technical expertise, will visit your site directly to help with your project.
    We’ve created a Lab and Testing Room at our Hokuriku Plant where customers can review our products for themselves, and this facility helps us craft optimal proposals.
  • Can SunMax products be connected to units from other manufacturers?
    Yes, they can. We’re happy to talk to you, starting with advice about your current situation.
  • Can other equipment be added after deploying a SunMax product?
    Yes, absolutely. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • How thoroughly can equipment be customized?
    We customize products wherever it’s possible. Feel free to challenge your sales representative with your concerns and requests, no matter how seemingly trivial.
  • Do you have rules governing treatment of confidential information?
    Yes. We enter into confidentiality agreements with customers.
    We’ll work with you on your project in keeping with our basic stance of non-disclosure of customers’ confidential information.
  • We couldn’t find any examples that perfectly meet our needs in the introduction record of SunMax products. Can you still help with our project?
    Of course. The examples presented on this website are only a small sample of the equipment we’ve manufactured and delivered.
    Please get in touch with a sales representative. We’ll present a proposal that draws on your potential.
  • Are there limits on SunMax machines you can manufacture in terms of capacity or size?
    Our manufacturing and delivery record extends from compact machines designed for use in high-mix low-volume production to large machines designed specifically for mass production. Please contact us with your inquiry.
  • What about after-sales follow up?
    Our own staff will handle it. Sales representatives are able to deal with some support issues directly at our customers’ sites. Rest assured that we will provide the support you need.

Sales coverage and lead times

  • In what area do you offer the service?
    We offer service throughout Japan and overseas (although it is not available in some overseas regions). You can entrust us with your project with peace of mind.
  • How long will it take to deliver the product we order?
    Ordinarily it takes from 30 to 120 days. Most of our products are manufactured on a build-to-order basis, so lead times vary with the type of modifications we make. Please get in touch for more information.

Lab and Testing Room

  • What’s the Lab and Testing Room?
    Our Lab and Testing Room, which is located at our Hokuriku Plant, is used to conduct tests of food machines. By actually seeing products, customers can prevent problems after delivery so that customers deploy their machines with peace of mind.
    Learn more about the Lab and Testing Room
  • We haven’t made a decision to purchase a machine yet. Can we still visit the Lab and Testing Room?
    Of course, please come.
    We welcome customer feedback so that we are able to offer food machines that customers find compelling solutions for their needs. Please visit the Lab and Testing Room, and don’t hesitate to relay any thoughts or questions to our staff.
    We would appreciate it if you could consider the possibility of purchase after visiting the Lab and Testing Room.
  • Can we visit the Lab and Testing Room any time?
    Please contact us in advance and we’ll schedule your visit. We welcome visitors from distant locations as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re always eager for people to experience our machines for themselves, and we’re confident that your visit will be worth the time.
  • How should I prepare ingredients or food products for a test?
    We ask customers to prepare ingredients or food products for tests as necessary.
    You can either bring these supplies with you when you visit or ship them directly to the Hokuriku Plant. Please let us know your preference when you contact us to arrange the visit. If you plan to send ingredients or food products, please let us know how they should be stored.

If the above does not help,
please feel free to contact us.